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Jennifer has been interviewing and collecting modern day stories on how God has touched people’s lives through angels, saints, and the power of prayer. These personal experiences have then been woven into paintings to be shared as a documentary of Our Lord’s divine love and mercy for mankind. The Divine Presence painting series is traveling gallery exhibit and offers inspirational speaking events. A book is coming soon! Looking for sponsors and donations to help fund these events!




Jennifer designs and paints murals with the community to restore neighborhoods to create a positive environment. While offering art therapy techniques to help at-risk youth and their families through their trauma so they can live a healthy life.


Jennifer enjoys painting in her art studio and outside on a nice day. She is always learning new art mediums, techniques and styles to enhance her artwork.


Jennifer R. Parker was born in Kansas City, Missouri and raised in Houston, Texas. Jennifer’s artistic talents became apparent at an early age when her artwork was framed by the principal’s office in Kindergarten. Her passion for art continued and painting became a great pastime. During her childhood and teenage years, Jennifer’s artwork took on a new world of expressing emotions, coping with personal conflicts and life struggles. When Jennifer graduated from high school she decided to earn her undergraduate degree in Art Therapy from Seton Hill University. When she graduated in 2002, she began helping others cope with their problems through the art process. Jennifer persisted on to earn a Masters of Science in Counseling and Art Therapy from Avila University in 2009. Her time spent in the mental health profession and listening to others life experiences have transformed her world view. These personal and professional experiences have become apparent in her artwork and have reinforced her convictions to offer hope into people’s lives. She now dedicates her life to her paintings as a Christian Artist and Inspirational Speaker. Jennifer has begun the process of starting her own ministry and looking for sponsors to nurture her artistic abilities.