Divine Presence paintings are stories from different Christian faiths and sociological backgrounds. Jennifer has found that people have been scared to share their divine experiences in fear of how they will be depicted among society or even in the church. These individuals strongly believe in what they have seen, heard and experienced. They recognize these experiences as blessings and sacred moments in their life. If you have a story and would like to share it,  please contact Jennifer for an interview at jparkerpaintings@gmail.com.

Paintings are shown below and to read their stories, please attend a gallery exhibit near you. 


The Holy Spirit & New Life

My father had suffered from long exposure of asbestos from the manufacture where he had worked. He was sick quite often, but now he was in critical care and the family was receiving hospice services. We knew as a family he would die soon and we did our best to honor his last wishes. His wishes were to die in the privacy of his own home and have the family finish the asbestos lawsuit he had started. The family immediately took him home from the hospital and set up his bed and medical equipment in his living room. I saw my father at peace knowing he was in the comfort of his own home. Together my sister and I held hands and prayed that the Holy Spirit would take him. At that moment, a slight breeze brushed against our bodies and a bright light entered the room. The Holy Spirit had taken my father to heaven. As my father requested, I finished off his lawsuit. Now, anytime we are about to get a settlement check in the mail the family always sees a flowing white feather. Anonymous- Raytown, MO 2002